Get your dance party started this weekend with a little Huey Lewis and the News!


Of course.

Today marks the start of a 3-month long celebration of new music, videos, and surprises along the way.

“The Power of Love” is part of the album What If? that will be released digitally on March 26. The project explores pop hits and artists through my jazz-colored glasses. We’ll talk more about that later.

This is a digital release. If you’re not a Spotify/iTunes/AmazonMusic person, don’t worry. Just go to Bandcamp to get 3 free streams.


My co-conspirators, Magnus Hjorth (piano) and Snorre Kirk (drums) are the ever-steady groovemeisters that make the music feel soooooo good. We are joined on this track by Mathias Heise. (He was with us on “That Time of Year” courtesy of Giant Sheep Music.) His harmonica sound works beautifully with my voice and he always brings a fresh approach and great energy to our collaborations.

Morten Støve is quite the Rennaissance Man. He is never satisfied with just relaxing on his current skill sets (live sound man, contract writer, cookbook writer, chauffeur, husband, etc.). He took on the job of mixing and mastering the entire project. It sounds amazing! ??

Susanne Benz (Giant Sheep Music) did the graphic design work for the projects. Her logo was so hip that I decided to put it on a T-shirt. I was just doing it for fun, but I think it turned out well. If you are interested in getting one, comment below. We’ll figure something out.

Photo credit (album covers): Sofie Barfoed

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