THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN: In honor of the season, here are a couple of videos to get you in the mood. Want more? You can buy the disc or hear it on your favorite streaming platform.

Blonde Bass in 2019

2019 has really flown by this year in a most wonderful way. Reflecting back on this overcast and increasingly dark Danish afternoon, I'm grateful for all the new projects I've...

September Tour w. Rodney Green

September is going to be an exciting month in Denmark. Drummer extraordinaire Rodney Green is flying over from New York to join us for our Art Blakey Tribute tour. He has been to...

Review: Santa Barbara March 2019

After a month in the US, I finished up the tour with a concert for the good people at the Santa Barbara Jazz Society at SoHO. It was a blast playing with Andy Langham and Duncan...

Stretches for my friends

There's nothing like being on the road for a month to remind you of your humanity. Long flights, hours in a car, setting up gear, playing concerts, breaking down gear, eating...


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