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Meet Jocelyn Gould (touring this April)!

It is a real thrill for me to be bringing Jocelyn Gould here to Denmark (and Sweden) for a two week tour from April 24-May 3, 2024. This JUNO nominated artist is on the fast ascent, playing all over North America and Europe. We met back in October at the Jaffe Jazz...

Kristin Korb, Jocelyn Gould, Kristian Leth

New Recording Coming Fall 2024!

On March 18-19, 2024, I went into the studio with my trio-mates Magnus Hjorth and Snorre Kirk to record a new project paying tribut to The Eurythmics.  Mathias Heise (harmonica), Karl-Martin Almqvist (tenor saxophone), and Steen Nikolaj Hansen joined us for the...


Who Stole Santa’s Sleigh?

In honor of the holidays this year, I'm sharing wth you a children's story. I wrote this when I was in (I think) the fourth grade. I found it as I was cleaning out some drawers here in the house.  Fourth grade was a magical year for me. My memories of that year are...


Kristin meets The Bass Shed

I had a wonderful time talking with Ryan Roberts at The Bass Shed. Join us for the conversation.The Bass Shed Podcast is available on multiple platforms.


Interview with Claus Westh (Denmark)

Here's an interview situation you don't see every day: Two interviews assembled with seven years in between meetings.  Claus Westh is a DJ with Radio Jazz in Copenhagen. In the first half, I'm with him in the studio (2013). Back in October, he came by the house for...


Power of Love (Single) Available Now!

Get your dance party started this weekend with a little Huey Lewis and the News! Korbinated. Of course.Today marks the start of a 3-month long celebration of new music, videos, and surprises along the way. "The Power of Love" is part of the album What If? that will...


We made a cookbook! Why yes, we did.

Oh, 2020! What a year you were. We started 2020 with lots of music and travel, and then Covid-19 shut it all down. It was incredibly surreal to go from full speed ahead to a standstill in the blink of an eye. After the initial shock of it all, I started looking at...

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