Sneak peak at a new arrangement

I’ve been slamming it these past few weeks getting everything ready for my upcoming US tour (March 9-29). There are so many moving parts that have nothing to do with the music, you have no idea. It isn’t my favorite part of touring, but it makes the music...

Who Stole Santa’s Sleigh?

In honor of the holidays this year, I’m sharing wth you a children’s story. I wrote this when I was in (I think) the fourth grade. I found it as I was cleaning out some drawers here in the house.  Fourth grade was a magical year for me. My memories of that...
Kristin meets The Bass Shed

Kristin meets The Bass Shed

I had a wonderful time talking with Ryan Roberts at The Bass Shed. Join us for the conversation. Listen on your favorite digital platformThe Bass Shed Podcast is available on multiple platforms. LISTEN...

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