Interview with Alex Schicke

Interview with Alex Schicke

In March, I had an interview with Alex Schicke before my concert at Bix in Stuttgart. In this interview, we talk about my growing up with music, finding the bass, what jazz means to me, and my observations on the differences between the jazz scene in Europe and the...

House Concert

April 10, 2018 I love it when I meet a musician who I’ve never heard of before and they knock my socks off. David Goldblatt is one of those guys. It was a truly magical night of music and good vibes.

Grass Valley Elementary

April 12, 2018 Natalie Wilson invited me to come and work with her amazing group of kids at Grass Valley Elementary in Camas, Washington. After a quick rehearsal, we performed to songs together for an all-school assembly. These kids can swing! Natalie has these kids...

JazzVox2018 @ Renton

April 14, 2018 Our hosts made an amazing Italian spread with meatballs, pasta, sausages and peppers and homemade ice cream! We couldn’t help but have a wonderful time meeting everyone and playing a little...

Camano Island

April 15, 2018 Nich Anderson assembled a wonderful 3 days of concerts me and French pianist and vocalist Pablo Campos. Today, we were joined by Mark Ivester on drums. What a treat!

Holiday Project Update

Now that we’re done with our last concert of 2017, it is time to start looking ahead to the holiday season for 2018. I know this looks really weird, but hear me out. I’ve been actively thinking about this Christmas project for over two years now, but I...

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