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The Ystad Jazz Festival has been growing since its start five years ago.  I was thrilled to be a part of it this year.  We arrived the day before my concert so we could hear Joshua Redman‘s group.  They were fabulous!!!  It is so inspiring to hear a group that has been on the road together for the past month.  It was their last night of the tour and they were celebrating.  I think one of the things I dig most about Joshua’s writing and playing is that it stretches the listener, but his music still has groove, melodies you can sing along with (in parts), and a feeling of fun.  He also is proud of his roots and isn’t afraid to throw in a beautiful ballad (“Stardust”) or a hard swinging bop tune.

Magnus, Snorre and I were thrilled to have perfect weather for our outdoor concert (at Per Helsas Gård).  The place was packed with people and all I could see were smiles from one end to the other.  There were also, apparently, a large number of reviewers at the concert as well. I’m glad to know that they were also smiling throughout the concert:

Jazz JournalMichael Tucker is delighted by another bumper year at Ystad, featuring standout performances from Kristin Korb, Joshua Redman and Enrico Rava
“…following her rolling “Kind of Blue” pizzicato bass introduction, Korb’s vocals moved seamlessly between some measured James Brown-like testifying and Irene Kral’s signature piece Better Than Anything: delicious!”

RifftidesDoug Ramsey – Ystad Concerts: Korb And Lundgren
“A protégé of the late Ray Brown, Ms. Korb’s bass playing is the foundation of her musicianship. She is an increasingly clever lyricist in the songs she writes, arranges and sings.”

Salt Peanuts -Niels Christensen – To sangerinder og to mestre
“Kristin Korb Trio vil være en gevinst til et hvert spillested, der vil tilbyde sit publikum et både underholdende og musikalsk tilfredsstillende show i miniformat.”

Ystads Allehanda – Anna Löfgren – Övertygande och inte en ton går förloarad
“Korbs berättelse är innehållsrik. Hon betonar hur viktig texten är och bjuder på egna kompositioner och standards. Särskilt i “Whirlybird” imponerar Korbs egen text.”

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