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“What’s Your Story” Recommendation by NoTreble

Kevin Johnson at NoTreble is encouraging folks to check out What’s Your Story: Bass players will take note of Korb’s mesmerizing solo bass and voice arrangement of “Green Dolphin Street.” With intricate syncopations in the bass and vocal parts, one might think...

“What’s Your Story” Review by Doug Ramsey

I am truly humbled and honored by this review by Doug Ramsey at Rifftides. The bassist and singer Kristin Korb has married and moved from Los Angeles to Copenhagen. She returns to the US now and then, as she did to record this intimate collection. With only Bruce...
Song Insights – I Wanna Be Loved

Song Insights – I Wanna Be Loved

Track 12:  I Wanna Be Loved There must be something that happens when a woman turns 40.  It was almost like flipping a switch for me.  I was finally ready for something real.  The lyrics are incredibly honest and vulnerable and strong.  I HAD to sing this song.  I...
Song Insights – I Wanna Be Loved

Song Insights – Always Searching For My Baby

Track 11:  Always Searching For My Baby This song is just fun!  I love playing original music by my friends.  I dig the groove and the melody really sticks with you all day.  The story is not really where my life is right now, but I think it represents (in an...
Song Insights – I Wanna Be Loved

Song Insights – Green Dolphin Street

Track 10:   Green Dolphin Street I’ve known about this song since I was a kid getting into jazz.  It didn’t really attract my attention in any particular way.  It has just always been there.  There have been a couple of pivotal friends that have indirectly encouraged...

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