Track 1:  Will You Still Be Mine

I was asked to play a concert in March 2012 with the Spokane Jazz Orchestra.  In honor of  that concert, I decided to commission 5 new arrangements with my playing and singing in mind.  Kim Richmond brought this song to me in honor of my new marriage.

Here’s a Korb Quiz for those keeping track of my lyrical embellishments…I refer to a famous actor AGAIN in this song.  (I have referred to this guy more than a few times in past concerts.)  Who is he? What was the other song that I mention him in?  What album?

Who’s Responsible:  Kim Richmond
Instrument:  Woodwinds
The Connection:  We were colleagues at the University of Southern California for several years.  I also played regularly in his small band.  He’s a creative soul and a great writer.  Playing in his band made me stretch beyond what I thought I could do and allowed me to color outside the lines.

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