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Track 5:  What’s Your Story Morning Glory

I love the blues.  It can be hard, sometimes, for me to sing.  I often feel like I need to be someone else to make it big enough or soulful enough.  This one is just right for me.  Musically, the soul of this one is all Ray Brown.  Nobody could play a greasy blues like him.  I love how it is greasy, but it never has to be larger than life.  It keeps that intimate question of “do you love me” and its repercussions just between the two of us.

Who’s Responsible: Mary Lou Williams
Instrument: Piano & Composition
The Connection:  Mary Lou Williams was one of our great ladies of jazz.  She was a fierce musician, playing piano and writing for all the greats of her day (like Duke Ellington).  This didn’t stop her from being a woman as well.  She would cook meals for the guys after gigs and she was a mentor to many.  I wish I could have met her.  This is one of her songs.

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