Concert Review: Hilden Germany

I had such a blast kicking off the Hildener Jazztage 2013.  There was definitely a buzz in the air about the festival.  Walking around the pedestrian area that day, one could see huge banners hanging everywhere.  I've had full concerts before, but I've never had...

What’s Your Story Review: JazzNyt

Pull out your translation guide:  This one's in Danish. Det er et ganske pudsigt sammenfald når man indenfor den samme uge modtager et par plader til anmeldelse, der ligner hinanden på adskillige punkter. Der er kvinder i hovedrollen på begge albums. Kvinder der...

Concert Review: 13 Feb '13

Open Google Translate again.  This one is in Swedish.  Concert at Ruby Red in Falkenbeg SE with Jacob Fischer (g) and Snorre Kirk (d) I standards som ”Just in Time” och ”My Romance” ändrar Kristin Korb fraseringen i slutchoruset, och har inspirerade dueller...

Concert Review July 2011

This review is written in Danish.  I hope to add a translation plug-in soon.  In the meantime, click on the link and use your favorite translation site.  Trust me, everyone had a great time. July 4, 2011:  Jazzhus Montmartre with Alex Riel (dr) and Olivier Antunes...

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