“Hey, why don’t you play in my town?”

I would love to come and play in your town.  In fact, my whole trio would like to come and spend some time in your area:  working with students, playing concerts, and encouraging some cultural exchange.  Not only would it be really fun, it could be enriching for the entire community.

So, here’s my “evil” plan.

I’ve had enough requests up in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland & Boise areas so far) that we’re seriously looking at making the residency happen November 1-15, 2014. I know we’re looking more than a year out at this point, but it is necessary to get the financial wheels spinning to make it all possible.  We are a ground roots organization here.  If you’d like us to play in your town, work with your students or have some other cool ideas, email me.  The more folks we have to fill in the tour, the more affordable it will be for everyone.

Beyond artist fees for the trio, we need to cover the following expenses:

  • 4 economy, round-trip plane tickets from Copenhagen
  • 3 hotel rooms
  • Rental van / SUV for the tour
  • Meals

Many of these things can be donated items in each community if everyone works together donating air miles, school discounts for hotel rooms, car dealers that want to sponsor the tour, etc.  Be creative.

(Yes, I have a crazy idea of a GMC Acadia or some other similar vehicle being donated for the tour… you know, the “Diva-Delivery-All-Utility” vehicle. Any takers? I even have the theme song written for your next promotion. 🙂 )

If you don’t live up in the the Pacific Northwest but you’d like some of this love in your community, we can make it happen.  I will start a series here on the website announcing new events / sponsors / and towns as they are added to the list for “Diva Delivery Tour”.  Share this article joyously with those who might be interested.  If all goes well, we might even have a new CD ready in time for the tour….

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