I have so many mixed feelings about this part of the process.  Cover art is important to me.  I want to look good, but not overdone and I want the artwork to represent the music.  For What’s Your Story, it could have gone many different directions.  I wanted it to be an open question, inviting the listener fill in the answers.

Lucky for me, I found an amazing team of folks here in Copenhagen.  Maria Angelova was the project manager for this.  She picked the site, the clothes, and recommended the makeup artist (Sabrina Szinay). Maria is a buoyant, fun, and super organized woman who puts together everything from fashion shoots to music videos and more.


I’m not much of a makeup girl most days, but it was a blast having my hair and makeup done. I got to feel a little glamorous and a bit like a rock star here.

The dresses that Maria brought were absolutely gorgeous.  I’m grateful to these Danish designers for their generosity in letting me wear their work for the shoot:  Stasia and Casa Lezar.  The accessories were stunning as well. Thanks to Emmeline Othine and JewlsCph for their support. Click on their links and check them out.  There is some serious Danish design happening.

Ulrik Jantzen was the photographer for the shoot.  He was relaxed and easy to work with.

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