A month ago, I said I was going to write more music this year.  I guess the resolution (plus recording plans and a booked tour) has made me productive.  I have to say this has been a really exciting process.  The core emotions, notes and chords seem to be coming quicker than the precise lyrics at this point, but I have no fear that they will come in due time.

As of today, I’ve got the following tunes generally formulated:

Jeg Elsker Dig (I Love You)
58 Boxes
Something to Celebrate
Finding Home
January xx (no title yet, but it deals with determination and resilience in dealing with new situations…like taking Danish classes :-))
Letter Home

I may be changing my mind on it all tomorrow, but this is where it stands today.  I still probably have another 7 or 8 tunes to go so I have more to choose from.

Class julefrokost

My Danish Class’ Christmas Party representing China, US, South Africa, India and Haiti. What a group of wonderful women!

The general gist of the project is to write music based on my move to Denmark.  It deals with all the ups and downs and everything in between.  The thing is, that it isn’t just my story. It is also the story of my new friends that I’m meeting on this journey.  I’ve met many ex-pats from several countries.  Despite the fact that we’ve come from different places, we seem to have similar journeys.  Their experiences are often even more intense than my own.  It has heightened my awareness to issues of immigration and integration not just in Denmark, but in the US as well.

As the project takes more shape, I’ll be posting videos and stories.  In the meantime, I’m off to do my first Danish presentations to students (girls 10-15 years old) to tell them about my bass and why it is the coolest instrument ever.  Thanks to Jazz Danmark for giving me the opportunity.

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