Beyond the Moon Sampler

by Kristin Korb | Beyond the moon

On November 16, we’ll be releasing our latest project, Beyond the Moon.  It has been a bit of a sprint here lately, but I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

CD releases are like photographs.  We get to see a little glimpse of who we are at a very specific moment in time.  In the larger progression of a career full of music, I’ve been able to watch my musical growth and friendships that have (and continue) to inspire me along the way.  Introducing Kristin Korb with the Ray Brown Trio came out twenty years ago.  I will never forget being in the studio with Ray and the guys and all the things I learned from that experience.  I continue to learn with the help of my team here in Denmark.  Magnus and Snorre are two of the best guys you can have in your corner.  We enjoy each other’s company and you can hear it in the music.  This isn’t a jam session.  This is a band that has been on the road together for four years. Mikkel Nymand has been kind yet honest in the mixing process and helpful in focusing me on the places where I can improve.  Because of his openness, I’ve been able to focus my energy in the right places and my growth is noticeable. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Morten in my thanks. He’s the one that hears all my woodshedding and encourages me every step of the way.

So, what is Beyond the Moon?  Back in January 2016, we were staying at a friend’s house in LA.  He had this huge book on his coffee table entitled “The Complete Lyrics of Johnny Mercer”. Flipping its pages, I found myself drawn into Mercer’s life story.  I always knew he was a great lyricist, but I didn’t know the half of it.  He worked with over 200 different collaborators in his time.  Now that my eyes (and ears) opened a bit, I can’t hear five songs without running into one with his text.  His storytelling was phenomenal.

In that book, there are also many songs that say “Composer unknown” and “Music not found”.  Could I be a collaborator with Johnny Mercer?  What would this inspire me to explore?  Not only did I dig into his texts, but I also found myself inspired to write my own stories in a completely different way. In that spirit of collaboration, I asked Magnus to work with me on some new music and arrangements. His contributions are beautiful.

Don’t worry, we also feature some of Mercer’s greatest hits in our own way. You’ll hear it.

If you’re on the countdown with us, pre-sales start on November 1. Beyond the Moon will be available internationally through CD Baby and all those other “digitalised outlets”.  If you’re looking to purchase a bunch of these babies for holiday gifts, send me an email. I’ll set you up with a sweeeet deal.

While you’re waiting, here’s even a sound sampler for you. Enjoy!

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