I adore playing summer festivals.  There is a different feeling to them.  The audiences are typically much bigger in a festival setting (as opposed to the cozy jazz club thing).  It makes me feel like a bit of a rock star.  I also get the opportunity to meet and hear so many other great musicians.

The Bangen Jazz and Blues Festival was a brilliantly programmed event.  Each band was incredibly different from the others.  Dirty Loops played the night before we got there.  That would have been a blast to hear.  Fortunately, I got to hear Bobo Stenson’s Trio (featuring bassist Anders Jormin) and Nils Landgren’s Funk Unit.  You must check both groups out.  They are some of Sweden’s best.

For our set, we had the luxury of having Steen Nikolaj Hansen with us on trombone.  He’s always a lot of fun.  They even broadcast our concert live on Swedish Radio.  (As you can see in the picture above, we were feeling a little goofy after our set was finished.)

Here is a little mention from Orchester Journalen:

Ecaroh bäst när Bangen firade 25 år

“Mot slutet av den 25-åriga Bangen spelade Kristin Korb och därefter Lisa Lystam. Korb sjöng och spelade bas mycket personligt. Dessutom hade hon ett obesvärat sätt att framföra sin musik både i ord och ton i sällskap av Steen Hansen trombon, Magnus Hjorth piano och Snorre Kirk trummor.”

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