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Photo Credit: Bo Petersen

July is the movable jazz feast month here in Denmark.  If you stick around long enough, you’ll get to hear what’s happening in Denmark and you’ll get to see the beautiful countryside during the best time of year.

We (KK3) had the good fortune of playing for the festival in Aarhus this year in the foyer of Musikhuset Aarhus.  The area is spacious and light and welcoming to the large crowd of folks who came out to enjoy the afternoon of music.

Snorre and Magnus were swinging as usual.  It is so nice when folks come up afterwards and comment on how much fun they had because they know that we were having fun, too.  I’m grateful that my new originals are connecting with people and their own stories in spite of the fact that most Danes don’t really move very far from where they grew up.


Aarhus Koncert Review på DANSK   Aarhus Concert Review in English


Drum Throne*Road note:  Many times, Snorre has to borrow drums when he’s out on the road.  We were happy to have a nice set to use courtesy of bassist Jens Jefsen. Unfortunately, there was no drum throne.  Without saying anything or dropping a beat, Snorre just grabbed a monitor and used it.  Nobody else noticed anything.  Snorre is a real pro!

There were also a lot of photographers running around.  Bo Petersen took some lovely shots. If you want to see some other shots from the show, there are 2 beautiful galleries by Jørgen Nielsen and Hreinn Gudlaugsson.  If I can get more shots and approvals, I’ll get a gallery posted for this festival.

Walking around the pedestrian zone after the concert, jazz was floating in the air, little kids were dancing, and there was a general sense of  joy permeating everything.  I wish I could bottle that up, store it in a special place and bring it back out mid-November when things are dark and grey here.  Fond memories will have to suffice for now.  We even nerded out a little at this sweet record store.  While I don’t own only one piece of vinyl myself (Oscar Peterson Trio, Night Train), I love the fact that it exists and there are people who are intensely passionate about it.

If I get asked to perform again next year, I think we’ll make plans to stay a couple of days to soak in the town (and the music) a bit more.  Thanks to all who made our day so wonderful!


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