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Beyond the Moon: The Countdown Begins

On November 16, we'll be releasing our latest project, Beyond the Moon.  It has been a bit of a sprint here lately, but I'm really happy with how it has turned out. CD releases are like photographs.  We get to see a little glimpse of who we are at a very specific...

Mary Fettig’s Coming to Town

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why. Mary Fettig's coming to town. Yes, I'm being a little giddy and perhaps a little silly, but hear me out. We are lucky here that Denmark not only produces world class musicians, but it...

Danish Summer Events 2016

I'm a big fan of summer.  Long, warm days, relaxed evenings with friends, lots of grilled meats and fresh salads and tomatoes that taste like candy are a few of my favorite things.  I also love how music moves outdoors as well. We kicked it off in May with a fun jazz...


“Kristin Korb does for bass what Diana Krall does for piano; and it’s not just the hair dudes. Wit and Wisdom, nice sounds.”

All About Jazz

Though many a fine bassist – Jay Leonhart, John Miller and Clipper Anderson among them – occasionally sings, Kristin Korb numbers among the rare few who excel at both. Christopher Loudon


It was a real pleasure to meet you yesterday and to benefit from your guidance. The more I thought about your playing, the more I began to understand just how impressive it really is. Louis Christ

Band Member, Stone Frigate Big Band, Saskatoon