“What’s Your Story” Review by Josef Woodard

Last UpdateMonday, July 3, 2017Thank you to Josef Woodard (Santa Barbara News-Press) for the kind words: For those as-yet uninitiated into the world of Kristin Korb, listening to her new album “What’s Your Story?” may feed deceptive assumptions. One...

Southern California Tour Dates Announced for May 2013

Last UpdateMonday, July 3, 2017Be sure to mark your calendars:  What’s Your Story is on tour in Southern California.  Joined by jazz powerhouses Jeff Hamilton (drums) and Bruce Forman (guitar), bassist/vocalist Kristin Korb returns to Southern California to...
Song Insights – Flamingo

Song Insights – Flamingo

Last UpdateMonday, July 3, 2017Track 2:  Flamingo It is said that singer Herb Jeffries was delivered by “Flamingo” in 1940 with Duke Ellington.    I met Herb in Desert Springs, CA  at a little gig I was playing.  I knew who he was the moment I saw him.  What history...
Recording "What’s Your Story"

Recording "What’s Your Story"

The process for putting a CD together takes me about a year between thinking about the musicians and songs, trying out new arrangements, and making some serious last minute decisions.  I love the push of purpose that recording gives me.  It focuses my attention on a...

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