The city of Copenhagen becomes one big jazz venue hosting over 1,000 performances this July 5-14, 2013.  With so much going on, it is easy to miss the folks you really want to see.  If you happen to be in Copenhagen for the festival and you want to come and hang with us, here is where I’ll be:

5 July     Cafescenen                w/Jens Søndergaard & More Pepper
6 July     Pakhuset                    w/Jens Søndergaard & More Pepper
7 July     Paradise Jazz             KK3 featuring Steen Hansen
12 July   Krøgers Have             w/Cool Sweetness
13 July   Cafe Bartof                 w/Jens Søndergaard & More Pepper
13 July   Maven Restaurant       KK3

For all the details, go to the SCHEDULE page.

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