There Must Be An Angel (Single) Cover

There Must Be An Angel

Giant Sheep Music (2024)

“There Must Be An Angel” Reimagined: Kristin Korb’s New Single Takes Flight!

Step back into the iconic 80s with the release of American jazz vocalist/bassist Kristin Korb‘s lead single There Must Be An Angel from her upcoming Eurythmics tribute album set to drop later this year.

MTV and Eurythmics were the soundtrack to Kristin Korb’s teen years. Annie Lennox’s powerful voice and striking imagery were impossible to ignore and left a lasting impact.

In her spirited version of There Must Be An Angel, Kristin beautifully extends Stevie Wonder’s original harmonica solo, transforming it into an outstanding lead part performed by the multi-awarded young Danish harmonica virtuoso Mathias Heise. With an exciting Brazilian twist, this rendition is sure to get you moving!

There are few bassists who can sing and there are even fewer who can do it well. Kristin Korb is a rare breed of musician who effortlessly blends her talents as a bassist and vocalist, captivating listeners with her crystal-clear voice while expertly maneuvering the bass.

Kristin’s new project seamlessly weaves Eurythmics’ timeless hits into a vibrant tapestry of fresh Korb arrangements and interpretations, reflecting her personal journey with the band’s music.

The debut of Kristin’s reimagined Eurythmics songs took place at legendary Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 2023. The crowd went wild, and following this live success, Kristin and her band headed to the studio to capture the essence of Eurythmics in 12 carefully selected tracks.

Accompanying Kristin on this exciting musical journey are her long-time band mates, Magnus Hjorth on piano and Snorre Kirk on drums – and in addition to Mathias Heise, the dynamic Cuban percussionist Yohan Ramon joins in on the lead single There Must Be An Angel (out June 21).

Kristin Korb – Bass & Vocals
Mathias Heise – Harmonica
Magnus Hjorth – Piano
Snorre Kirk – Drums
Yohan Ramon – Percussion

Mixed/Mastered – Morten Støve

Released on Giant Sheep Music (June 21, 2024)

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