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Something to Celebrate (single)

Double K Music (2021)

Something to Celebrate

is available for download on Bandcamp.

Kristin Korb Gives Our Ears (and Stomachs) “Something to Celebrate”

Originally recorded on Kristin Korb’s 2014 project Finding Home, her track “Something to Celebrate” is newly and completely refitted with a more relaxed and settled sense of joy.

  • Now (November, 12th) available to the public to stream/download on all digital platforms.

Kristin’s vibrancy continues to permeate her music, and her re-imagination of “Something to Celebrate” reflects this. “While I’m used to arranging other people’s tunes, this is the first time I’ve re-arranged one of my own pieces,” she states. Rather, Kristin takes the opportunity to mellow the snazzy tune to her present. She recalls,“The original tune had horns, hits, and a driving swing intensity that seemed to fit at the time. I feel like I’m personally in a different place now and the arrangement reflects that.”

“When I originally wrote the song back in 2014, I think I was looking to fill a spot for an “up-tempo swing tune with horns.” While it felt ok to me at the time, I never felt 100 percent comfortable singing it live. The problem was never with the song itself. It just took me another seven years to grow into it,” says Kristin.

In this evolution, her trio, including Snorre Kirk on drums and Magnus Hjorth on piano/keyboard, plays with an effortlessness that mirrors the lightheartedness of the piece. The fluency of the three is apparent in the ease in which they keep the tune both relaxed yet up beat. Together, the group enjoys performing, laughing, and eating together. For Kristin, food and music go hand in hand. Her joint cookbook, Something to Celebrate, carries the same message.

“One of our pandemic projects in 2020 was to make a cookbook for my bonus kids (step children) that had recently moved out of the house,” she says. “It has all their favorite recipes growing up here in the house. Our house motto is that there is always something to celebrate, so it was a no-brainer to give the cookbook that name. Once the book was completed, I decided to revisit the song to see if my relationship with it had changed.” The cookbook is available on her website,

Kristin’s lyrics, “Joy is out waiting for you. You’ve got to find it. There’s always something to celebrate!” beg the question: What are you celebrating today?

Kristin Korb – bass & vocals
Magnus Hjorth – piano & keyboard
Snorre Kirk – drums

Recorded 2021
Morten Støve – Recording and Mixing
Sofie Barfoed – Photo Credit
Susanne Benz – Cover Design

Great news! Today’s your day.
Mountains, you’ll be moving.
Get on your way.

Paths beyond all of your dreams.Some take you high and then others go low.Places strange, unmarked, leaving you feeling stuck or in the dark.
March on.
You know it’s not for you.

Out there, things can happen as they do.To one just as wonderful and bright as you.

Joy, it’s out waiting for youYou’ve got to find it.There’s always something to celebrate!

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