In Your Own Backyard

A compilation of a great jazz series in the Seattle area.


1. Moon River – Kathleen Grace & Darin Clendenin
2. Comes Love – Kristin Korb & Randy Halberstadt
3. Please Don’t Bug Me – John Proulx & Chuck Kistler
4. Blue Monk – Kelley Johnson & Keith Ganz
5. I’m Old Fashioned – Jo Lawry & Bill Anschell
6. Back in Your Old Backyard – Hanna Richardson & Patti Wicks
7. All My Tomorrows – Stephanie Nakasian & Bill Anschell
8. The Cat – Cathy Segal-Garcia & John Stowell
9. You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me – Kristin Korb & Randy Halberstadt
10. Honeysuckle Rose – Jo Lawry & Bill Anschell
11. Welcome to My World – John Proulx & Chuck Kistler
12. If Ever I Would Leave You – Kathleen Grace & Darin Clendenin
13. Triste – Kelley Johnson & Keith Ganz
14. Perdido – Stephanie Nakasian & Bill Anschell
15. Time After Time – Nich Anderson & Patti Wicks
16. These Foolish Things – Hanna Richardson & Patti Wicks
17. But Not For Me – Jo Lawry with Bill Anschell & David Lange
Release Date: January 1, 2011 | Label: OA2 Records

After several years of SRO living room shows, Nich Anderson decided to kick the program up a notch and invite his guest vocalists into the studio. The result, released earlier this year on the OA2 label, is In Your Own Backyard, the debut JazzVox CD. The nine sessions that shape the album, all recorded and mixed by David Lange, commenced in August 2009 with Cathy Segal-Garcia laying down a single track — her own composition “The Cat,” co-written with Gary Hoffman — with Stowell. Seven more sessions followed sporadically over the next nine months, featuring a top-drawer assortment of singers, including Kathleen Grace, Kristin Korb, Kelley Johnson, Jo Lawry, Stephanie Nakasian, Hanna Richardson and the sole male among all the canaries, John Proulx.



Kathleen Grace & Darin Clendenin
Kristin Korb & Randy Halberstadt
John Proulx & Chuck Kistler
Kelley Johnson & Keith Ganz
Jo Lawry & Bill Anschell
Hanna Richardson & Patti Wicks
Stephanie Nakasian & Bill Anschell
Cathy Segal-Garcia & John Stowell
Nich Anderson & Patti Wicks
David Lange
“The second round of songs starts with another Kristin Korb/Randy Halberstadt collaboration “You’re getting to be a habit with me”, and Kristin is at her sultry best alongside Randy’s impassioned piano playing.”

Libby Graham, The Listening Room



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