In the Meantime

Jazz bassist and vocalist romps and swings through originals and twists old standards.


Release Date: March 5, 2009 | Label: DoubleK Music

This doesn’t have to be a stressful time, biting our fingernails, waiting for things to happen. Today, you could make a new friend, drive down the coast and feel the wind in your hair, or bump into the love of your life. Good stuff is just a moment away. Be open to the change, and walk into it singing. Kristin Korb’s CD: In The Meantime is meant to comfort, encourage, and elevate your spirit to be present in the world. It explores the adventures that can find you if you are open to them, in the meantime. What are you waiting for?

Kristin Korb – bass & vocals
Llew Matthews – piano
Steve Barnes – drums
Larry Koonse – guitar
Nick Mancini – vibes
Bob Sheppard – saxophone
“A diverse and very enjoyable recording, In The Meantime is the latest effort from the popular double bassist and vocalist Kristin Korb. Following her previous five recordings (her debut CD was with Ray Brown’s Trio), Ms. Korb has found her niche with this sextet.”

Paul Pearce – International Society of Bassists

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