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Get Happy

Jazz interpretations from the Great American Songbook in an innovative musical setting utilizing a vocalist, two bassists and a drummer.
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Release Date: 2004 | Label: Grace Base

My vision for a “bass duo” began sometime in 2003. I’d been working successfully as a “solo bass” act, but missed the interplay of another musician. I knew if I could find the right bass player it just might work.
Shortly thereafter, I discovered Kristin Korb. I contacted her and spoke with her about my idea. She said, “Let’s give it a try”. So I booked us at a “duo series” I was hosting. She came and had dinner with my family and me, we talked over a few tunes and we were off to the gig. Well, the rest is history. My vision was quickly becoming a reality. Just one thing was missing. I found it quickly in Kendall Kay. He’s one of the finest drummers and people you’ll ever hope to work with. He ALWAYS plays the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time. My vision is now complete.

I hope you find this cd musical, entertaining and a little bit innovative. Not bad for 2 bass players and a drummer!

Todd Johnson



Kristin Korb – bass & vocals

Todd Johnson – 6-string electric bass

Kendall Kay – drums

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