Sisterhood in the Groove

Part bass ensemble, part vocal ensemble, Blonde Bass is a chamber group that’s more than the sum of its parts. Each song is a musical dance between bassists Ida Hvid, Kristin Korb, and Helle Marstrand as they seamlessly trade roles playing melodies, percussion, harmonies and walking lines. Their 3-part vocals add that extra layer to achieve the right combination of richness, depth, focus, balance, harmony and finesse.

Blonde Bass blends swinging standards, funky originals, plaintive acapella ballads, and tributes to their bass heroes (Ray Brown, NHØP, Hugo Rasmussen, and more) for an eclectic sonic adventure that is rarely seen or heard.

Playing together is a celebration of sisterhood in the groove.

Ida Hvid – bass, vocals
Kristin Korb – bass, vocals
Helle Marstrand – bass, vocals

1 + 1 = 3

Ihvertfald engang imellem – Blonde Bass er een del bass ensemble og een del vokal ensemble – og bestående af 3 dejlige musikere som både spiller bas og synger. Alle de sange de fremfører er en musikalsk symfoni mellem Ida Hvid, Kristin Korb og Helle Marstrand som uden at du bemærker det, skifter roller mellem melodistemme, percussion, harmonier og bas gange. De 3 stemmige vokalarrangementer bidrager med et ekstra lag og giver en kombination af fylde, dybde, fokus, balance, harmoni og finesse.

Blonde Bass fremfører et mix af swingende standarder, funky originalnumre, akapella ballader og hyldester til deres bas helte (Ray Brown, NHØP, Hugo Rasmussen mfl.) – alt sammen i et eklektisk lydeventyr som man sjældent har hørt magen til.

“A celebration of sisterhood in the groove.”

Ida Hvid – bas, vokal
Kristin Korb – bas, vokal
Helle Marstrand – bas, vokal


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